About 7 Cousins, LLC


With an education and background in engineering and construction our minds have a lot of ideas circling in thought and it is an opportunity to take those thoughts to the next level. We decided not to only make creative toys for kids but also to transform those thoughts into filling others needs with bright ideas. The ancient Greek Philosopher Plato coined the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of Invention.” We have made it part of our mission to be aware of people’s needs and then create an acceptable product as a solution.

Core Values

7 Cousins has decided to make a serious attempt to create a product of high quality at a cost that is competitive and fair to the consumer. Our primary desire is to produce our products in the USA. Barring a cost that would make the product price undesirable, we would still like to stay in the Americas and prefer not to go to overseas for production.

We believe that it is our privilege to serve our customers and place them first in our business. MORE!!!! Commitment and Responsibility are to the customer and…


We fully intend to start small and not place 7 Cousins LLC in a position of being overcommitted with no ability to fulfill our obligations. Our desire is to expand our market by being good stewards of our finances. At the same we want to continuously be creating additional products for kids and adults alike.